Special Forces Association
Chapter XXIII - 23
Look at Me!

A recent survey of young people indicated that their primary goal in life is to be a CELEBRITY. At least that’s a departure from the goal of most Miss America contestants which seems to be to somehow bring about world peace or to be the next Mother Theresa (but without all the personal sacrifice of course).

It seems that the goal for so many today shouts out “LOOK AT ME!!” The front pages or the TV screens today don’t highlight unnamed foot soldiers risking their lives so that the likes of Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton can freely be broadcast in a world not controlled by the Taliban or Al-Qaeda or other extremist groups who would deny us what we as Americans consider our God given rights.

We live in a world that has no room for second place, or second string, or backup players. Most want the spotlight – but not everyone. You can’t be “a silent professional” if you’re the center of attention and you can’t be faithful to your calling as a follower of Jesus Christ if you’re desire is to direct the focus of attention on yourself. As Christians we are called on to be SERVANTS not masters just as Jesus, the Suffering Servant, came not in kingly splendor but in the form of a helpless baby.

Rather that pursuing the limelight Jesus encourages us to “take up our cross daily”. Scripture reminds us of Saul hiding in the baggage compartment because he didn’t feel worthy to be crowned king. It reminds us of Saul’s son Jonathon willing to give up his place as king so that his friend David could be crowned king instead. Scripture reminds us of Peter willing to be overshadowed by the Apostle Paul. None of these Biblical characters sought the spotlight for themselves. Each sought to point the floodlights on God/Jesus. None said, “Hey, look at me!” All pointed toward the God they served. Isn’t that what we should be doing with our lives?

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