Special Forces Association
Chapter XXIII - 23
Night Ops

A familiar Army catch phrase is “We own the night.” Night ops have always been a part of Special Forces only now we can see in the dark with our Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s). During WWII the British chose to do their massive bombing missions at night hoping German fighters would have a harder time seeing them and shooting them out of the sky. The OSS dropped its agents at night hoping they would not be seen and could safely infiltrate into the DZ and exfiltrate to a safe house. The jump into Grenada was made in the light where as the jump into Panama was made under cover of darkness. I think of a gut churning nap of the earth night insertion from England to Europe in a 7th. SOS Blackbird, at “O dark 30”, and a pitch black ride across Panama in a Night Stalker Blackhawk to put a team on the ground in the unheralded shooting war going on before the invasion.

We like darkness. We like the night because NIGHT HIDES whether its in the jungles of Panama or Vietnam or the palm groves or orchards of Iraq or the rugged terrain along the Afghan/Pakistan border or the night club that helps to hide our faces or the let down of our morals now that we’re away from the eyes of our friends or family on a weekend or 3 day pass or a distant R&R. Unfortunately our life in the light doesn’t necessarily match our life in the dark yet that’s exactly what Jesus Christ expects it to be. What we do with our lives in the dark needs to be repeated over and over because it’s sense of satisfaction is so temporary. Most of us would not want to live in the dark whether it’s a spiritual darkness or the physical darkness of blindness. Shut your eyes for 5 minutes or put yourself in the forests of Fort Lewis on a dark night and its like being in a lightless cave deep in the earth. It’s not a pleasant feeling, nor one we’d want to be frozen in.

Life lived at its fullest is life lived in the light. Its life lived unashamedly and without regret. Good works like good lives are done in the light. I’d hate to have brain surgery in a darkened operating room rather than one flooded with light.

Jesus Christ came to bring us out of the darkness of sin into the light of righteousness and reconciliation with the Creator God. We are called, each of us, to be the lights to not only bring light (Christ) to the world but to be the point men and women leading others with our lights to the open door that leads both to real, purposeful life here on earth but also to eternal life in the future that lies beyond the brief span of life allotted to each of us.

Now is the time to step out of darkness and into the light. Now is the time to move out of darkness to Jesus – the Light of the World.

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